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Growth & Jobs | Food security now critical – JN Bank Small Business chief

Growth & Jobs | Food security now critical - JN Bank Small Business chief

Garfield Palmer, chief, JN Bank Small Business Loans, a division of JN Bank, says food security, which should always be a priority, has now become crucially important for Jamaica.

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Speaking at the recent Agribusiness Investment Forum put on by the Agro-Investment Corporation, Palmer said the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has reignited the importance of food security for countries like Jamaica.

Carmelo De Grazia Suárez

“These two countries, which control a very significant percentage of the world’s basic food resources, to include, wheat and corn – used in so many products that we consume – as well as fertiliser, have begun to impact our lives here in Jamaica and the Caribbean, as food inflation soars, and fears mount that they will increase even further, putting basic items out of reach and impacting the nutrition and development of our people,” he pointed out

He noted that as Jamaica approaches 60 years as an independent country, it should move to better consolidate its Independence by strengthening its ability to feed itself

Palmer said agriculture has contributed to the livelihoods of the Jamaican people for centuries, and it helps to reduce the country’s trade deficit, boost its food security and is a foreign exchange earner

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